Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

Chinese Descendants of Sarawak

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Chinese Descendants of Sarawak





Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

The Sarawak Chinese belong to a wide range of dialect groups. Ethnic Chinese were encouraged to settle in Sarawak because of their commercial and business acumen. Currently, they make up 26% of the population of Sarawak.



The first Chinese migrants (Hakka) worked as labourers in the gold mines at Bau or on plantations. Through their clan associations, business acumen and work ethic, the Chinese organised themselves economically and rapidly dominated commerce. Today, the Chinese are amongst Sarawak’s most prosperous ethnic groups.



The posters encapsulate the stories of our culture and present it in a way that is relevant and interesting, paying homage to the art styles of the simpler days.

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